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Thorough Drain Cleaning in Parker, CO, and the Surrounding Areas

At 1st Choice Pro Services, one of the most frequent types of service requests we receive involves clogged drains. Household drain clogs impact your enjoyment of your home and well-being. We offer several methods for residential drain cleaning.

The Methods We Utilize

Drain snaking makes use of a handheld auger with rotating blades. The cutting head attaches to a thin, flexible cable that we feed through a drain opening. As the blades rotate, they cut through the clog and break it apart. We also perform hydro jetting. Our utility vehicle contains an air pump that pressurizes water from your home. We connect the pump to a hose and flush the drain with high-pressure jetting. The water breaks apart the clog and loosens hardened mineral scale from the drain and pipe.

Make us your choice for drain cleaning in these areas we serve:

  • South Aurora, CO
  • Elizabeth, CO
  • Centennial, CO
  • All of Douglas County and Arapahoe County

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Most clogged drain problems occur from routine use and accidents. The most frequent causes of drain clogs we find in local homes include:

  • Grease
  • Hair
  • Mineral scale
  • Soap and hygiene products
  • Baby wipes and diapers
  • Flushable wipes
  • Foreign objects
  • Fibrous food debris
  • Large amounts of toilet paper or solid waste

Why Us Choose for Drain Cleaning?

We serve as the trusted drain cleaning company in the area. Our skilled plumbers work diligently to remove all debris and clogs from your drain. We’ll also provide you with:

  • In business since 2001
  • Full-service plumbing and HVAC company
  • Local ownership and operation
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured company
  • Google 5-star rated
  • Workmanship guarantee
  • Status as a Rheem Pro Partner
  • Quick dispatch of qualified plumbers

Drain Cleaning FAQs

How Often Do I Need Drain Cleaning?
Most properties need annual drain cleaning services.
Which Food Items Are Safe to Put in the Garbage Disposal?
We recommend limited use of garbage disposals. Safe items include non-fibrous fruit and vegetable scraps.
What Are the Signs of a Drain Clog?
Standing water in the drain, slow emptying, and bubbling all suggest that your drain has a clog.

Get Rid of Clogs Effectively

Make sure a plumber from 1st Choice Pro Services is your first call for all your drain cleaning needs. Call us or fill out the form for an appointment.

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