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Residential Water Heater Services

1st Choice Pro Services is the premier option for water heater installation, repair, and service in Highlands Ranch, CO. Our team of experienced professionals can install and repair all major types of water heaters, including conventional, tankless, demand, and heat pump, as well as all major fuel types, including electric, natural gas, and propane. We provide service 24/7 in Highlands Ranch, CO and surrounding areas, so we’re always ready to take your call.

Watch for these Warning Signs

Get in touch with us if you’ve noticed any of the following warning signs that could mean you need water heater repair or replacement in Highlands Ranch, CO:

1st choice plumbing technician
  • No hot water or fluctuating water heat: Obviously if you have no hot water, it’s a pretty clear sign that something is wrong, but even fluctuating water temperature can be an indicator that it’s time for repair. This is usually a sign that something is amiss with the heating elements.
  • Low water pressure: Mineral deposits develop overtime in hot water heaters, causing issues with the heating elements and potentially blocking pipes. These blockages can result in low water pressure, meaning it’s time to have a professional take a look at your water heaters.
  • Strange noises: A few small noises from your water heater are to be expected, as it will make noise as it heats the water. However, if you hear loud noises, including popping, banging, or cracking, your system likely needs a flush to remove mineral deposits that are forcing the water heaters to work harder than it needs to.
  • Rust-colored water: This usually indicates that either the inside of your tank is rusting, or your pipes are corroding, both of which require the help of a professional plumber in Highlands Ranch, CO.
  • Leaks: If you notice any amount of water around your hot water heaters, it’s not a good sign. This could mean your water heater has developed a crack and is leaking water from it. Call a Highlands Ranch, CO professional before the crack gets worse and causes water damage.
  • Strange smell: If your Highlands Ranch CO hot water has a strange smell or taste, it’s time to call a professional. There could be corrosion somewhere, or the coating on the inside of your tank may be flaking off, both of which are serious problems.

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