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Residential Air Cleaning Devices Introduction

Indoor air pollutants are unwanted, sometimes harmful materials in the air. They range from dust to chemicals to radon. Air cleaners are devices that attempt to remove such pollutants from the indoor air you breathe.

The typical furnace filter installed in the ductwork of most home heating and/or air-conditioning systems is a simple air cleaner. This basic filtering system may be upgraded by using another filter to trap additional pollutants or by adding additional air-cleaning devices. An alternative to upgrading the induct air cleaning system is using an individual room, portable air cleaner. Air cleaners generally rely on filtration, or the attraction of charged particles to the air cleaning device itself or to surfaces within the home, for the removal of pollutants. The use of “air cleaning” to remove pollutants from the air in residences is in its infancy; this publication presents the current state of knowledge.

This publication describes the types of air cleaners available to the consumer, provides available information on their general effectiveness in removing indoor air pollutants, discusses some factors to consider in deciding whether to use an air-cleaning unit and describes existing guidelines that can be used to compare units. It does not discuss the effectiveness of air-cleaning systems installed in the central heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems of large buildings, such as apartment, office, or public buildings, nor does it evaluate specific products.

Because many factors need to be considered in determining whether the use of an air cleaner is appropriate in a particular setting, the decision whether or not to use an air cleaner is left to the individual. EPA has not taken a position either for or against the use of these devices in the home.

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