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air conditioner unit repair


Summer is near with high temperatures almost becoming the norm. Therefore, it is important to check the air conditioning system in advance to make sure that you will have a pleasant atmosphere inside the house in the hot days that will follow.

One of the most important operations when it comes to fine tuning your AC before the summer is the cleaning. Cleaning and sanitizing the indoor air conditioning unit is recommended to be performed at least once a year, within the annual AC repair Parker CO maintenance program, which must also include:

  • checking the freon pressure in the refrigeration system
  • cleaning the filters of the indoor unit
  • checking the condensate leak to the outside (the drain pipe may clog)
  • spraying on the vaporizer of an antibacterial solution
  • identifying other possible defects

Even if at least some of these operations can be done by the owner, contacting a professional heating and air conditioning company remains the most efficient and correct option. In this sense, it is enough to mention only the fact that the companies that deal with maintenance, in addition to offering a wide range of air conditioning services, also take care of the health of the owners by introducing in the maintenance process some professional substances that have a proven effectiveness against viruses such as hepatitis B and C, HIV, Rota, etc.



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