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HVAC Centennial Services Vent Location

In our daily life, without always realizing it, we spend a lot of time in enclosed spaces (offices, homes, etc.), where fresh air is limited. With time, this fact has a negative effect on the air quality and, implicitly, on people`s health. It is vital to constantly ensure the quality of the air we breathe.

People are increasingly showing interest in improving the quality of the air in their own home, and this can be done with proper ventilation. At the moment, the best way to ventilate the house efficiently consists in using a ventilation system. A properly installed ventilation system will contribute to air purification, preventing dust and other allergens from circulating through the air. At the same time, it regulates the humidity level.

Criteria for choosing a safe and efficient ventilation system

The stage of the construction – if the building is being constructed, it is advisable to choose a centralized system, in order to have a much more effective coverage in terms of inlet pipes. In addition, such a system is much quieter and offers superior performance in terms of air circulation speed.

The number of people in the house – you need to take into account the number of users in order to choose the right ventilation solution for your house. The standard air volume for one person is 50 m3/hour.

Manufacturer – it is essential to opt for manufacturers that offer sustainable, energy-efficient and, at the same time, innovative solutions.

Before making a decision, it is paramount to talk to HVAC Centennial services specialists and discuss new technologies on the market and to make sure that the chosen system provides the desired efficiency.

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