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The maintenance of the air conditioner is a necessary step that should be done periodically, in order to ensure a good functioning of the system, in optimal conditions, for as long as possible. At the same time, the execution of the procedures related to the maintenance of the air conditioner denotes an optimal vision on the preservation of the device’s properties, and a timely fulfillment of the procedures allows you to avoid unpleasant situations and the discomfort caused by improper functioning.

A correct and complete maintenance program reveals if your air conditioner works under normal conditions, and detects any malfunctions. Given that minor malfunctions produce, over time, major damage that requires expensive repairs, through a correct maintenance program, the characteristics and qualities of the device are maintained at an optimal level of operation.

Autumn is a good time to inspect the air conditioning, especially if you want to use it for heating, during the cold season. It is assumed that the air conditioner has been used quite a lot during the summer, so it does not hurt to check it and repair certain malfunctions before you need to use it again.

A correct and complete checkup of the air conditioner, performed in a professional manner by heating and air conditioning specialists at, increases the lifespan of your device, decreases the costs of electricity and repairs, and ensures the desired thermal comfort.



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