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When to hire professional heating and cooling 1st choice pro services


In order to avoid high energy consumption, premature wear, and occurrence of major failures, two types of checkups are required for your furnace: periodical technical inspection and annual technical revision.

    Periodical technical inspection: If you ask any specialist how to maintain your furnace, they will recommend that you do not miss the periodical technical inspection, especially after the cold winter months. During the winter, the furnace and its parts are kicked into high gear to warm your house and may end up wearing out. To avoid problems,  you should do a checkup- ideally in the spring- just to be sure that everything is alright. Another inspection can be done in the fall, since in many cases the furnace is unused during the summer, and it is good to make sure that it is ready to cope with the cold weather ahead.

Annual technical revision: It is a complementary process to perform a periodical technical inspection. During this revision, specialists look for a number of aspects including the state of the gas valves and thermostat, the evacuation circuit, the state of the airtight chamber, the operation of the pipes, burner, and installations, the water pressure, the gas flow and possible gas losses or blockages.

All these operations must be performed by qualified technicians from authorized companies like This way, you will not lose the warranty of your furnace and you will be sure that you are using it safely and efficiently.



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