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How To Boiler Services 1st Choice Pro Services


Like everything else in this world, electrical appliances have a certain life span, and as much as we would like that, they cannot work forever. Boilers are no exception. These appliances are particularly important parts of the households they are installed into, since they provide hot water, without which people living there cannot carry out many of their daily activities.

If you are lucky, your boiler will operate for several years, without any major problem. But at some point, it is inevitable that it gets old and problems arise.

There are cases when an old boiler can no longer be repaired. When a professional plumber comes on site and reaches this conclusion, there is nothing you can do. The only solution is to give up your old appliance and buy a new one (if the warranty has expired).

Disassembling an old boiler and installing a new one is the job of professional plumbers so make sure you hire authorized persons for such a job.

Professional plumbers like 1st Choice Pro Services can perform various works, which include:

  • emptying the faulty boiler and safely disassembling it.
  • realization of a dedicated electrical circuit for the boiler.
  • replacement of connections.
  • fixing the new boiler safely on the wall and installing it wherever you need it, whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, technical room or in any other space.
  • making a plumbing circuit for the installation of a new boiler, if there is no previous one in the space where you want to install the boiler.


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