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HVAC Repair technology cool heat Castle Rock


Your air conditioning system is something you certainly rely on when the summer heat is on. Heating and air conditioning may sometimes experience problems, and many of them are quite common. There certainly are ways to deal with any such issues in due time.


Many problems are caused by inadequate installation, improper maintenance and service procedures, etc. When the air conditioning system is poorly installed, this may lead to low airflow and leaks in the ducts. At the same time, the quantity of refrigerant to be found in the system does not match the manufacturer’s instructions. If, during the installation process, refrigerant charging is not properly done, this means that the unit cannot function properly.


In case your refrigerant is leaking, the problem should be addressed by a professional. The reason for its leaking may be the fact that it was undercharged upon installation. Since refrigerant leaks can affect the environment, taking the necessary steps is the best measure to take in this specific situation.


There can also be sensor-related problems to your heating and air conditioning unit. Thus, the sensor should be in the proximity of the coil, but without touching it. Drainage issues are also quite common.  Be sure to have professionals in HVAC repair Castle Rock area out for maintenance.



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