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Preventive Maintenance HVAC Repair


A correct approach of HVAC repair Castle Rock area must start with preventative maintenance, considering the numerous advantages it provides.

Prevention of HVAC equipment failures

Regular maintenance of HVAC equipment reduces the risk of a breakdown by up to 90%. In this respect, a correct preventive maintenance should involve a series of minimal operations that preserve the good functionality of the systems: operations that detect damage (visual inspections, thermographic inspections, etc.) and operations that prevent damage (balancing, greasing, aligning, adjusting, cleaning, etc.). Preventive maintenance has much lower costs compared to corrective maintenance.

Reducing energy consumption

A systematic approach of a maintenance program, composed of different technical operations, has the effect of increasing the energy efficiency of the HVAC system.

Extending the service life of the HVAC equipment

Most maintenance operations are performed while the equipment is in operation (the daily routine), thus minimizing interruptions. However, these minimal operations have the long-term effect of extending the life span of the equipment.

Equipment warranty

Most manufacturers in the HVAC industry require proof of the annual maintenance of your equipment, when it comes to allowing you to use your warranty rights. The technical maintenance specialist should periodically generate diagnostic reports on the HVAC equipment and the maintenance operations carried out. Thus, in the event of a malfunction occurring during the warranty period, you can prove that you have fulfilled your obligations.



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