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Things to Consider Parker Boiler Repair



How do you know if your boiler needs to be replaced? Many experts agree that the following signs, while not always the best criteria to define a boiler that absolutely has to be replaced, will at least warrant calling in an Parker boiler repair expert to inspect it:


  • A common sign that the boiler might have to be replaced is that you notice strange sounds or smells coming from it while it’s operating. These signs, of course, could be indicative of minor problems, but oftentimes (especially for older boilers), they show that a new one might be needed.
  • A yellow flame is usually a sign that the boiler isn’t being heated properly, which usually has something to do with the gas supply. It might also be accompanied by low performance and higher bills, as the boiler has to work harder to keep up with the temperature marker on your thermostat.
  • It’s also possible that the boiler could have water leakage, which is usually very difficult to repair. The best choice is to buy a new one, especially if you own an older boiler that could suffer new leaks as time goes by.


All these points show that, once a boiler reaches the end of its projected lifespan, it’s often best to have it replaced. Consider a dependable local Colorado company to help you with the process and provide you with a cheaper and more effective service.

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