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Furnace Installation Parker Heating Repair Technician

Furnace replacement can be a complicated task to undertake, but as the most experienced Colorado experts in heating and air conditioning will tell you, the overall job shouldn’t take more than a day or so. Even if additional complications arise and the space used needs to be adapted to the new furnace, you still won’t be looking at more than 9-10 hours or so, unless the problem is really big.


Most of the time, however, furnace replacement will take only 4-5 hours to complete. Some of the factors that will determine how long it actually take may include:


  • The type, complexity and size of the unit – a larger and more complicated furnace system usually taking a lot more to install properly than a smaller one;
  • Whether or not additional repairs to the heating system will be necessary;
  • The need for special tools and approaches that the technicians might need more time to prepare;
  • The presence of safety hazards and concerns regarding the use of plumbing, electricity or natural gas.


Usually, you won’t need to worry that your HVAC or furnace needs a lot of time to be replaced. As Parker heating company experts will tell you, the work will very rarely take more than a day, and most of the time, it will remain within the interval of 4-10 hours.

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