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elderly man drinking purified water 1st choice plumbing purification system

When your property is connected to a clean water supply, you won’t normally need water purification services from a professional company such as 1st Choice Pro Services Heating and Air Conditioning. However, there are cases when these services will be required, whether you have a direct connection to a proper water supply service or not.


One of the cases is when you own a factory or laboratory that requires cleaner water than what you’d find when you turn on your regular tap. The TDS (total dissolved solids) associated with tap water purity levels range from 200 PPM to 400 PPM, so they are hardly appropriate for certain activities. When you need a lower TDS value, your water supply will need further treatment.


Some areas have a TDS value below the recommended 300 PPM, which isn’t good to have if you’re running a health clinic or a hospital. In such cases, water purification will be needed because of the risk that low quality water can present when drank by patients.


Water purification can also help to keep the environment cleaner. If your facility generates certain byproducts or contaminated water, that water will have to be properly treated before being removed or discarded into the natural environment. Depending on where you live, you or your company could face serious charges if you dump untreated, contaminated water into a river, a lake, or near any natural habitats where animals could be at risk of drinking it and becoming sick.


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