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air conditioning Parker CO Do Not DIY


It’s not uncommon for air conditioning repair to be necessary when you haven’t used your AC unit for half a year. Nevertheless, DIY repairs are usually discouraged because most air conditioning problems can be pretty complex and difficult to deal with. Solving them efficiently and safely will often require the expertise of a professional air conditioning Parker CO technician, and most homeowners and business owners either don’t have the knowledge or the experience to deal with the repairs properly.


Depending on the architecture, size and condition of your AC unit, the problem might not be just one of  technical expertise. It can also present a serious health hazard. Just as how your heating system might be based on natural gas that is lethal if inhaled in greater concentrations, your AC unit uses special coolant that is odorless and tasteless, but can also be deadly in a similar way. Refrigerant leaks are not to be toyed with, and you’ll find that most experts will quickly point to them as the major reason why DIY AC repairs should be discouraged.


Aside from that, AC units also use electricity, so electrocution is another possible danger. If you’re not familiar with systems that use increased voltage as power, it will be best to leave the repairs to a professional. Accidentally touching the wrong wires can cause severe injury or even death, so the matter is definitely one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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